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HR Services

Sue is often asked just to undertake a one-off piece of work – this could be a disciplinary investigation or helping a company implement their very first appraisal process.  Whatever the need, Sue will discuss with you in detail what it is you are looking to achieve and agree a plan to meet your objectives.

Disciplinary, Capability and Grievance

Dealing with disciplinary, capability and grievance issues can be incredibly challenging. Handled in the wrong way, they can be catastrophic for both the individual and the business or organisation. Sue can provide on-site support in managing disciplinary, capability or grievance processes taking into account existing policies and current legislation. All interaction is handled sensitively, confidentially and with as little disruption to both parties as possible.

Performance Management

The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. Sue can assisting in setting measureable objectives alongside a clear organisational vision and help with monitoring and reviews. Sue can also offer guidance to help increase attendance in your organisation. This service includes the effective measurement of attendance, a set of clear written guidelines, identifying gaps in training for staff and managers and advice on how to consider employee wellbeing when developing policies and operational procedures. This area also includes dealing with a member of your team who may be on long term sick leave.

Competency Frameworks

Outlining and communicating the behaviour, culture and values of your organisation is paramount to ensuring the success of any business, whatever your size, type or sector. Sue can assist in the production of a framework and provide training to staff and managers so that it can be implemented and embedded throughout the organisation.

Call or email Sue today to find out more about casework services and the benefits they can bring to your business.

"Whenever we are unsure of our HR requirements and obligations or under pressure, a phone call to Sue can save a lot of time and stress. Her cheerful personality combined with an excellent understanding of the client's needs ensure that she is an extremely effective facilitator and a pleasure to work with."

Julie Wannop Managing Director, Eden Golf Course
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